are all Solved at

‚ÄčThe Dental

Implant Centre

Denture Wearers If You Have 

  •           SORE SPOTS
  •           RUB SPOTS
  •           TIRED OF GLUES
  •           LOOSE FIT
  •           GAG REFLEX
  •           POOR CHEWING
  •           FOOD TRAPS
  •           CANNOT EAT

              A beautiful smile brightens every day and

                 gives you the confidence you deserve!

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hOW MUCH ???

Part of Making The Best Decision

For Your Care is Knowing the COST! We don't hide that Most Important part of the Decision.  Just Try and Call or Look Up Other Dental Offices for Pricing and See How Far You Can Get!

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Pricing for Care

Accept Our Apology on Behalf of Dentistry: A Denture Is NOT OUR Standard of Care!

We Use Mini Implant Support and Secure Either a New Denture or Porcelain Bridge.

In Charleston, SC. The Dental Implant Centre & Dr. Joe Gillespie Use

Dental Implants to Show YOU Amazing New Treatment Options

Making good Decisions

Choosing the Path To Care that Suits You Best is our Goal.  Simply educating the PATIENT to your options is Very Important.  We have a Number of Treatment Plans that WILL Increase 

Your Quality of LIFE

our dedicated team

We Know How Bad Dentures Are!

and Want to Show you there are Far Better Options Available.

We understand You might have thought Dentures were your ONLY OPTION!